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About Us
Museum Mission 
Xi’an Qujiang Museum of Fine Arts aims at saving, conserving, collecting and exhibiting ancient Chinese murals, as well as to maintain Shaanxi’s intangible cultural heritage. It devotes to promoting traditional Chinese culture and carrying forward cultural undertakings in Shaanxi.   
Museum Area
The total area of the museum covers 12,000㎡,in which the area of permanent exhibition hall of 1,100㎡and special exhibition hall of 900㎡. 

The permanent exhibition is the Origin and History of Ancient Chinese Murals. As the first exhibition which systematically and comprehensively shows the whole art history of ancient Chinese paintings through murals, it displays 88 panels (67 panels are original) from the Neolithic period to the Qing Dynasty. The highlight of exhibition includes the mural from the Goddess Temple in the Liaoning province, which is the earliest mural found in China; the palace mural of Qin Dynasty, the first great unified empire in the Chinese history; and the mural of the Tang mausoleum, which is on public display for the first time. 

For the special exhibition, at present, the museum exhibits Gold Wares and Jadeite and the Art Works of Picasso. Before these exhibitions, we have hosted the Maritime Silk Road Exhibition, Dunhuang Murals Copying Exhibition, Dong Bo Zhai Collection-Royal Gold Wares of Ming Dynasty, Exhibition of Grand Canal Relics of Sui Dynasty, Exhibition of Imperial Porcelain of Ming and Qing Dynasty and so on. Our museum is dedicated to providing the high-quality and various exhibitions to the public. 

Mural Conservation and Restoration Center
With the approval of the State Cultural Relics Bureau, our museum set up the Mural Conservation and Restoration Center together with the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology so as to make common efforts to conserve, research, restore and exhibit the unearthed murals.

Museum Treasure
The Gold Armor, a symbol of Xi’an Qujiang Museum of Fine Arts, has a history of around 2,700 years. It is made of 25 pieces of exquisite gold flakes in total, in which 21 pieces with lip pattern in the shape of scales, 2 pieces with dragon pattern in the shape of shield and 2 pieces with cloud pattern. This gold armor was originally excavated in Qin tombs at Mt. Dabuzi, Li County, Gansu Province, later was brought to France, and was finally back to China with the help of our investor. It is known as a relatively intact golden armor in China so far. Besides, it is the earliest material object whose manufacturing techniques of gold ware were based on the civilizations of Mediterranean, Egypt and West Asia. Its appearance brings great archaeological significance and historical value. 

TEL:+86 (029) 65686568 Ext.5561
Address:No.66, Ci’en Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an.
Website: www.qujiangmuseum.com
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Address:No.66, Ci'en Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an TEL:+86(029)65686568 Ext.5303 E-mail: xaqjtb@163.com
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